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Best Treatment for Herniated Discs: Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery

Compare: Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery for Herniated Discs

The human spine is a marvelous system. Not only does it allow us to stand and walk on two feet, but it also houses the nerves that connect the brain to the rest of the body. As important as it is to our overall function, the spine is also delicate. A single irritated spinal nerve can cause so much trouble it affects our whole quality of life. But should you choose surgery or chiropractic care for a herniated disc?

When the cushions between the spinal bones, or discs, slip or become ruptured (herniated), it can put pressure on the nerves, causing pain, weakness, or numbness to radiate down the leg or through the arm.

Surgery is sometimes recommended, but that comes with many risks and isn’t always effective. Chiropractic care offers effective treatments that relieve the pain of herniated discs without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Chiropractic vs. Surgery for Herniated Disc

In some cases, surgery is the best option for correcting an injured disc. However, the decision to have surgery should never be taken lightly.

Risks of Herniated Disc Surgery

All surgeries come with risks. The patient and surgeon must discuss the potential risks and rewards of back surgery before making a final decision. Some of the risks include:

  • Nerve damage may cause severe, permanent problems, including paralyzation
  • Infection
  • Spinal fluid leak (may not be severe but could require follow-up surgeries)
  • Failed herniated disc surgery syndrome (a downward spiral of physical and mental health after surgery does not eliminate pain)
  • Risk of anesthesia
  • Blood clot or bleeding problems
  • Scarring
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Long recovery time

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Herniated Disc

One of the most common reasons for failure in herniated disc surgery is misdiagnosis. A chiropractor conducts a thorough medical evaluation, including diagnostic tests such as an X-ray or MRI, then develops a treatment plan. Once it has been determined that the problem is a herniated disc, several treatment options are available.

Many patients and doctors prefer chiropractic care because it is:

  • Effective - Many patients report improvement in herniated disc pain with chiropractic care
  • Safe - It’s a non-invasive procedure
  • Drug-free - No medications needed
  • Convenient - No downtime necessary, and you can return to work or normal daily activities after a chiropractic appointment
  • Fast - In many cases, patients get immediate relief
  • Pain-free - Some treatments are relaxing and feel good
  • Cost-effective - Much less costly than surgery

Find Relief from Herniated Disc Pain with Chiropractic Care

When it comes to chiropractic vs. surgery for herniated discs, every patient must decide which type of care is best for them. We encourage patients to try non-invasive low-risk chiropractic treatments before making decisions about surgery. Stop pain naturally and contact us today at Inner Balance Institute.