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In San Diego, the majority of chiropractic offices focus on quantity of work rather than providing quality chiropractic healthcare. Unfortunate truth, huh? When you walk in to a typical office, you may be greeted by a friendly person with a smile on their face. You may be greeted by a mono-toned, stone-faced individual who clearly wasn’t ready to get out of bed that morning. Or, you may sit alone in a cold waiting room until the doctor is ready for you.

I have been practicing in San Diego for over 19 years, and I have personally visited chiropractors and chiropractic clinics across the country. I confidently say that not all chiropractors or chiropractic offices are equal. As stated above, a large number chiropractors are focusing on the number of patients they can see in a day. As such, they over schedule. Consequently, these clinics tend to rush through exams and skip over important details, therefore resulting in the failure to come to the proper diagnosis for their patients. What does this mean to the patient? Terrible, Sub-par chiropractic healthcare, and sets you up for a longer recovery time.

Why Inner Balance, San Diego Chiropractor?

Visiting us here at Inner Balance Institute will allow you to see and experience what quality healthcare through chiropractic is all about. Our recently renovated facility is conveniently located off of Interstate 5 in Old Town, San Diego. Below are key attributes that separate us from all other clinics:


  • Keep a fun and energetic atmosphere in the clinic, with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Take our patients and exams very seriously.
  • Provide a detailed history and physical examination, we are able to really look at what is going on inside your body.
  • Identify the root cause of the issue(s) you are experiencing and provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Provide you with a customized core stretching and strengthening plan fit to your needs in order to further assist your personal health goals.
  • Use state of the art equipment

At Inner Balance Institute we strive to create a superior chiropractic experience. Treatment offerings address anything from car accidents and chronic low back pain, to migraines and digestive issues. Here at Inner Balance Institute, we have the answers you are looking for. In addition, we have been Voted Best Chiropractor in San Diego several years in a row!