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How Long Do You Need to See an Auto Accident Chiropractor?

How Long Do You Need to See an Auto Accident Chiropractor?

Car accidents can damage more than our vehicles. Every year, nearly 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled after a car accident.

Don't take your health lightly. You might not even realize you've sustained injuries until weeks after the accident. Instead of waiting for that pain to appear, consider visiting an auto accident chiropractor.

These chiropractors are trained to help patients who have sustained injuries after an accident. You might need a spinal adjustment, physical therapy, or even surgery if your back and neck pain is severe.

Asking yourself, "How long should I go to the chiropractor after my accident?"

Keep reading to find out!

Do I Need to See a Chiropractor After an Accident?

In a short answer, yes.

Remember, you might not realize you're in pain until weeks after your accident. Visiting a chiropractor immediately following your accident allows you to start healing immediately.

Many car crash victims experience body aches and sore muscles following the accident. During the crash, your body undergoes tremendous force. That force could cause your body to fall out of alignment.

However, you might not notice your muscles are strained or damaged until a few days after the accident. The adrenaline rush from the crash can mask your pain. Standard soreness usually fades within a few days. If your pain hasn't disappeared in that time, consider visiting a chiropractor.

You might also experience additional symptoms, include:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness

These symptoms could indicate your spine is out of alignment. Visiting an auto accident chiropractor following your crash can help you avoid permanent damage.

You can also use your appointments to make a case if you didn't cause the crash.

Remember, you should visit a chiropractor immediately following your accident for an assessment. Visiting a chiropractor after a car accident can help you avoid chronic issues. You should also visit a chiropractor if your minor symptoms don't fade after a few days.

You might experience a number of injuries as a result of your car accident. Your doctor might refer you to a chiropractor right away to check for muscle or back injuries.

Preventative Care

Many people fail to recognize the benefits of visiting a chiropractor for preventative care. During your chiropractor visits, your chiropractor can identify early problems. These problems could develop bigger issues that might impact your entire body.

For example, a sore knee or hip pain can impact your posture. Poor posture puts unnecessary pressure on your spine. Then, the other half of your body will try to compensate to keep you balanced.

Visiting a chiropractor after a car accident early on can help reduce your overall number of doctor visits. As a result, you're saving money in the long-run.

Minor Injuries

Going to the chiropractor after a car accident can help you deal with minor injuries as soon as possible. These injuries can get worse and even impact your mental health.

For example, shoulder or back pain can get worse in time. The tension can cause headaches and muscle spasms, which can contribute to your stress levels.

Don't think about acting tough. Instead, visit an auto accident chiropractor to speed up your healing process.

Severe or Chronic Pain

If you experience severe pain after the accident, you'll probably head to the doctor as soon as possible. However, some doctors will suggest major surgery to fix your problems.

Visiting a chiropractor can help you explore nonsurgical solutions. That way, you can avoid undergoing major surgery and focus on healing instead.


Each year, about two million drivers experience permanent injuries after a car accident. Many of these drivers people experience the long-term effects of whiplash months afterward.

The severe and chronic pain you experience is often the result of whiplash. If left untreated, minor whiplash can cause major injuries.

Don't wait until weeks after the accident to see a chiropractor. Whiplash can cause your neck and back to become sore and stiff. You might even become immobile for months.

Chiropractic adjustments can help free your joints and vertebrae from chronic inflammation.

How Many Times Should I Go?

How often you need to visit a chiropractor will depend on the severity of your issues. Patients visit a chiropractor for different amounts of time for different treatments.

For example, if you have whiplash, you'll need to visit a chiropractor until your symptoms are alleviated.

If you only experienced minor injuries and soreness, you might only need a few appointments. Your chiropractor might also refer you to a massage therapist for care.

When Should I Stop Treatment?

Do you have a chronic neck or back injury that's causing recurring symptoms? If so, don't stop seeing your auto accident chiropractor entirely.

Instead, speak to your doctor about your progress. They can help you determine when you can reduce how often you visit. Spacing your appointments out can ensure your symptoms don't arise again.

That way, you can avoid dealing with a chronic condition.

When you decide to stop your treatment really depends on your needs and preference.

Consider returning to the chiropractor after your initial consultation for maintenance and preventative care. Your chiropractor will let you know when it's time to stop or reduce your treatment.

Can You Go Too Much?

Generally, no, you can't go to a chiropractor too often.

You don't need to visit a chiropractor for every small ache you feel. Instead, make sure to communicate any changes you experience when you visit your chiropractor. They'll determine if your condition is getting worse.

Visiting too much won't provide any additional benefit to your spine, though.

Try to work a reasonable schedule between yourself and your chiropractor. You want to visit often enough to ease your symptoms and help your body recover.

You'll know when to stop treatment once your pain is no longer as constant.

Get Care After Your Crash: Visit an Auto Accident Chiropractor Today

Don't let a small crash cause major health problems. Instead, take the time to schedule an appointment with an auto accident chiropractor. They can help ensure your pain doesn't lead to a long-term problem.

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